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Dr. Yoshi Rahm holds board certifications in both Family Medicine and Integrative & Holistic Medicine. He also holds additional certifications in Homeopathy, Nutritional IV Therapies, Oxidation Therapies, Neurotransmitters, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, and Wilson's Temperature Syndrome. His innovative medical office in North Glendale / Montrose integrates conventional western medicine with alternative holistic medicine to create optimal health. Patients appreciate minimal waiting time in a tranquil setting, and prompt appointments for established patients with a skilled and compassionate physician. Dr. Rahm is also an attending teaching physician at Glendale Adventist's Family Medicine Residency. Recent recognition includes the 2012 & 2013 "Best Holistic Specialist" by the Crescenta Valley Weekly and the 2012 & 2013 "Patient's Choice Award."

Please note that Dr. Rahm has a hybrid insurance-subscription based practice and due to his expertise it is currently a 'waiting-list' practice for new patients who are seeking a primary care physician. However, there are two exciting opportunities to receive the benefits of Dr. Rahm's treatments. First, he is taking on new Nutritional IV patients and second, he has joined Matthew LaBosco's Optimal Performance Systems to create this community program to help people who are not able to see Dr. Rahm due to his waiting-list practice but who need and want to reach their true vitality. Dr. Rahm estimates that approximately 70-100% of people's medical conditions and complaints will be alleviated by doing one or both of these therapy options, with most people being in the 90-100% range. Try these therapies out. We are confident you'll notice a difference!