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“Dr. Manfred von Ardenne was an early pioneer in discovering the effects of oxygen on the human body. His many years of research culminated in his book “Oxygen Multistep Therapy,” an in-depth, technical review of his findings. Chief among those findings is that oxygen not only enhances performance, it is also curative, and capable of reversing a variety of maladies that affect the human body.”

“The foundational concept of OasisO2 is to drive maximal oxygen deeper into the body’s smallest blood vessels than has possibly ever happened in your entire life. This creates stronger environment in your cells for more optimal healing. ‘OasisO2’ involves guiding a client through a specific sequence of exercising intensities on an elliptical that coincide with bursts of air with no oxygen which dilates blood vessels maximally then changing the air to be instantly 100% oxygen. This sequence provides for the magic moment when the heart beat is rapid and the blood vessels are dilated so that blood is suddenly rushed in that is super saturated with oxygen. This is the instant where the foundational concept comes to fruition as oxygen is driven deeper in your body’s blood stream, likely to a greater extent than has ever happened in your life.”