Dr. Yoshi Rahm, D.O.

Family Medicine and Integrative & Holistic Medicine

Glendale, Montrose

I’m Dr. Yoshi Rahm, the founder of Oasis Family Medicine, which I established in 2011 to deliver exceptional healthcare to both local and international patients. My commitment to modern medical excellence drives me to spend hours daily on research, integrating this knowledge with common sense, ancient wisdom, and compassionate care to optimize the health outcomes of my patients, whom I consider health participants. I see myself as a teacher, guiding them on their paths to self-healing.

As a physician double board-certified in Family Medicine and Integrative & Holistic Medicine, I am devoted to pushing the boundaries of traditional medicine. This commitment has led me to develop the patent pending EBOO process and the innovative L.I.V.E. Method, a longevity program that represents the pinnacle of preventive healthcare. This program fuses cutting-edge medical technologies, advanced diagnostic testing, and traditional healing practices to enhance health, vitality, longevity, and ultimately, to cultivate a joy-filled life.

Under my leadership, Oasis Family Medicine has gained international acclaim, drawing patients from around the globe and earning endorsements from notable health experts like Dr. Mercola and Dave Asprey. My work and dedication to the healthcare community inspire individuals worldwide to embrace a lifetime of vitality and joy. As I continue to innovate and lead, my focus remains steadfast on providing the best possible care and empowering my health participants to take control of their wellness journeys.

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