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Cash Patient Fee Schedule


All Prices subject to change

Prices for those without Medicare:

Half Hour  /  1 Hour 
Online/Phone Guidance

Dr. Anne Kuo

$195     /    $395

$40 for each 5-minute increment

$50 for each additional injection (1st injection included in time block fee)

Kellie Kell, FNP

$160    /    $260

$40 for each 5-minute increment

$50 for each additional injection (1st injection included in time block fee)

Dr. Yoshi Rahm

$135    /    $195

Included in $299/month subscription fee

$50 for each additional injection (1st injection included in time block fee)

Dr. Yoshi Rahm (for those who are not monthly subscription patients) (limited availability)

$395    /    $695

$70 for each 5-minute increment

Note regarding Medicare:

We are still an “in-network” participating provider with Medicare, and the following holistic surcharge applies:

Dr. Anne Kuo:

Half Hour $75

1-Hour $150

Kellie Kell, FNP:

Half Hour $45

1-Hour $95

Dr. Yoshi Rahm:

Half Hour $395

1-Hour $695

(No per-visit holistic surcharge if on annual, monthly, or package program)

O3D Infusion (also called Ozone Dialysis or EBOO)

$695 (please inquire about potential billing to insurance). There is a $295 deposit – refundable or transferable with 48 hours cancellation notice.

O3D Infusion with the Energizer add-on 

$295 add-on
(Methylene Blue + Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation + Polychromatic light therapy + Red light and Infrared light therapy at gamma frequency)

Holistic Health Coach $125 per hour session

or 5 sessions for $550

or 10 sessions for $1,000

or group visits at $85/person

Group Visits $100-$260 (based on sliding income scale) for 4-class Module ($25-$65/class).  Typically covered with Traditional Medicare.

IV Nutrition Fee
Myers’ + Glutathione 1 gram (Most common request) $185
Myers’ + Glutathione 2 grams Wellness Cocktail $195
Myers’ Wellness Cocktail $115
Immune $175
Ozone $ 95
Ozone MAH (Major Autohemotherapy) + UBI $295
Argentyn23 $165
Poly-MVA $160
Hydrogen Peroxide $195
Perox-C (Immune + Hydrogen Peroxide) $230
Vitamin C (25g) $160
Vitamin C (50g) $210
Vitamin C (75g) $260
Vitamin C (100g) $310
Amino Acids $175
Amino Acids + Immune $225
Phosphatidylcholine / PlaqueX $165
Macular Degeneration Drip $195
Chronic Asthma Drip $175
Migraine & Muscle Spasm $145
Hydration Alone $ 85
Hydration as Add-on $ 50
NAD Starting at $175


IM Nutrition Shots (Injections) Fee
Methyl or Hydroxy-Vitamin B12 shot (IM/SQ) $25
Vitamin D (high dose) shot (IM/SQ) $25


Add-on Services Fee
Ear Wax Removal $40/hr
EKG $50
Rapid Strep Throat Test $25
TB Skin Test $20
Urine Dipstick Test $15
Urine Pregnancy Test $15
COVID Antibody / Antigen / T-Cell Test Inquire about pricing


Neurofeedback – each session includes a complimentary PEMF session before each therapy session when available.

  • 1 session $125
  • 5 session pack $600 ($120 per session & does NOT include follow-up qEEG Brain Map)
  • 10 session pack $1150 ($115 per session & does NOT include follow-up qEEG Brain Map)
  • 20 session pack $2200 ($110 per session & DOES include a complimentary follow-up qEEG Brain Map)

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy) – MAJOR price reduction for PEMF therapy (now that the machine is paid off and we want to pass along that saving to our amazing patrons).

  • First time ever is free
  • 1 session is $20
  • 10-pack is $150 ($15/session)
  • 20-pack is $200 ($10/session)

All prices subject to change